Absodan products are based on moler. A sophisticated thermal treatment (calcination) means that the granulate remains hard even at full absorption.


Absodan is quick-acting, safe to use and can absorb all forms of spills on solid surfaces. The absorbing fluid is retained in the porous structure.


Absodan is chemically inert toward all fluids with the exception of hydrofluoric acid (HF aq). This means that Absodan does not react with the absorbed fluid and is therefore well-suited as a universal absorber for almost all types of spills: oils, acids, bases, aqueous and organic solvents.


Absodan products are carefully selected and manufactured according to our stringent quality requirements. They comply with all applicable regulations and are tested and approved by a number of recognised European testing institutions.


Absodan is not flammable, as it does not contain organic material. With the use of a plentiful amount of Absodan the granulate becomes fire resistant.


Absodan can be used both preventively or intensely when spills occur and the products are easy to spread and sweep up again.