Mission & Vision

Imerys Absorbents´ mission is to play a significant role on the European market both within the consumer and industrial markets as a main supplier of industrial minerals and a range of complementary products of very high quality. Imerys Absorbents´ vision is to be the first choice for customers, suppliers and other co-operative partners. Imerys Absorbents will lead within its core areas and offer competitive products that can create value for customers. Imerys Absorbents will challenge the present in order to create solutions of the future. Imerys Absorbents´ values are reflected in our actions. In agreement with Imerys Absorbents´core values the company wants to develop and improve what we offer our customers. Imerys Absorbents aims at the best possible conditions and development opportunities for an exciting workplace with a good and sound environment.

In questions of the environment Imerys Absorbents wants to appear as a worthy, loyal, and environmentally aware company, which is always at the cutting edge of development, and through our activities considers the surroundings as optimally as possible.
Imerys Absorbents seeks to ensure that the extraction of raw material affects the surroundings as little as possible, and it is our goal to always protect nature's resources in every possible way. Re-establishment is highly strived for in order to attain the optimal conditions for vegetation and animal life.