Imerys has a wide range of activities both in Europe and globally. Regardless of where we perform our activities, we always perform them based on the company's values and rules that ensure we carry out our actions respecting and concerning both the environment and customers, and that we always deliver a product or a service of very high quality.

Imerys has a significant focus on the environment and energy situation and always works towards making energy consumption effective by carrying out continuous improvements to the existing equipment and operations, but while also ensuring a high degree of energy efficiency. Imerys invests considerable resources in reducing the need for energy, of which a very large part already consists of different types of bio fuel so that the emission of, among others, CO2 is reduced to a minimum and thereby considering the environment’s protection as best as possible.

It is a principal task for Imerys to maintain all of the contracted agreements regarding time, quantity, and specifications to the customer's full satisfaction. In order to be able to live up to this goal, it is Imerys policy that the demands made should always be fulfilled through systematic quality control, so that customer requirements as well as requirements by the authorities are always honoured.

Furthermore Imerys strives towards the best possible conditions and development possibilities for an exciting workplace with a good healthy environment. We believe a good workplace is characterised by, among others, responsibility, competence development, good surroundings and well-being. Imerys does not believe in child labour or working conditions that are contrary to laws and rights.