Animol is a litter and drying up product for animals.


Animol is based on the unique moler, an amorphous silicate and a harmless natural product that is only found and mined on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling in Denmark. Moler is comprised of approximately 1/3 clay and approx. 2/3 diatoms. By virtue of the diatoms Animol is characterised, among other things, by a large specific surface and thereby unique absorption qualities.


Animol can, for example, be used as a bedding product for chickens with pad problems or as an absorbent in pigsties, but Animol can be used in domestic animal production in general: in horse boxes, in cow and sheep stalls and in fur production.


Animol is burned at high temperatures and it is therefore a sterile product. It keeps the bedding dry, so the bottom remains firm. There are no air problems with the use of Animol and Animol improves the stall climate by binding ammonia and moisture.