Absomol is the natural solution as a carrier for e.g. vitamins, acids, oils, fats, water, plant protection agents or fertiliser.

Absomol is based on the unique moler, an amorphous silicate and a harmless natural product that is only found and mined on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling in Denmark. Moler is comprised of approximately 1/3 clay and approx. 2/3 diatoms. Diatoms give Absomol products a very large specific surface of 40-50 m2/g.

Absomol has low weight, a homogenous stable structure and is chemically inert. Therefore, Absomol does not react with the absorbent fluids (except HF).


The Absomol range includes a broad product group comprised of powders and granulated products, both in dried and burnt versions.