Terramol can be effectively used as soil improvement agent for sporting grounds, golf courses, lawns, parks as well as indoor and outdoor plant cultures. Terramol is also advantageously used in hydroponics, e.g. bonsai trees and orchids.

Terramol based on the unique moler, an amorphous silicate and a harmless natural product that is only found and mined on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling in Denmark. Moler is comprised of approximately 1/3 clay and approx. 2/3 diatoms.

Terramol is burned at high temperatures and it is therefore a sterile product. Terramol, which has a pH value of 5.5 gives the soil a loose structure and allows the air to penetrate down to the roots.

Terramol extends the wilting point through absorption and encapsulation of water and nutrients that are released as needed.